The Final Stock Contest

Remember [link]Yet Another Stock Contest? Well, I guess we were a little (a little??) optimistic. Even for our next attempt, [link]And Yet Another Stock Contest, it seems rather unlikely that we'll have a winner soon.Let's try again, with a really realistic target.

The Rules

The goal of this contest is to guess on what day the CATP stock price will first reach $1. (Note: this is from above, i.e. the stock price must be $1 or lower!)
If there is a stock split after 1 December 2000 (sure, why not), this contest will be adjusted accordingly, i.e. if there is a 2 to 1 split, the contest is over when the price reaches $0.50. Similarly, if the stock reverse splits 1 to 3, we need to reach $3.

(Now that Novell has taken over CTP, this means that the NOVL stock price will need to reach $1.497. It's been close already, but not quite there...)

Anybody can enter the contest once. (You are kindly requested not to enter the contest under somebody else's name.)
You may enter the contest, or change your entry at any time.

The Prize

The Grand Prize of this contest will be Eternal Fame®. That's way better than a T-shirt, isn't it? ;-)


Sorry, too many spammers.

The Situation (as of 19 Sep 2019)

If the stock price would reach $1 today, the winner would be: Pat Williams.

The Entries

User ID Name Email Date # Days Comments Last Change # Chgs
Williams4992 Pat Williams [email] 1 Jan 2009 3913 None 26 Dec 2008
juykim112 Junyoung Kim [email] 27 Nov 2008 3948 always that month does well 15 Jul 2007
mday Michael Day 1 Jan 2000 7201 15 Nov 2004
dhazel Doug Hazelman [email] 1 Jan 2099 28959 UM, CATP doesn't even exist anymore ;-) Should this be adjusted for NOVL? 9 Feb 2004
ML Michiel L. [email] 11 Oct 2002 6187 Wonder whether Alex will read this :-) Yep it's me. Look at the date.... This will be the day ! 18 Jun 2002
twosix S.D. Martin [email] 4 Apr 2002 6377 cuz 15 Mar 2002
BD Bertus Dispa [email] 10 May 2006 4880 Actually I believe it will be 1 EUR as I think the USA will drop ther USD for the Euro by 5 MAR 2003 (another contest?). Good to see youre all still alive and involved!) 27 Dec 2001
pou peewee [email] 1 Jan 2002 6470 I'm good 2 Nov 2001
pdrap Patrick Draper [email] 7 Oct 2002 6191 I miss all my former co-worker at CTP, except for (you know who the hell you are) 23 Feb 2001
bill.h Bill Hughes [email] 1 Feb 2001 6804 Either will announce more anemic earnings / growth -- or a 2-for-1 stock split! ;-) 14 Dec 2000 Aad Nales [email] 7 Dec 2030 4097 I turn 65 that day, I hope CATP does a lot earlier. Dutch joke: The only stock that is more depressed is Ajax! 10 Dec 2000
GChen George Chen [email] 15 Feb 2000 7156 After 4Q00 revenue announcment 10 Dec 2000
rwall Rob Wall [email] 22 Dec 2001 6480 Let's pool our money together and buy the company! 9 Dec 2000
cmill Craig Miller [email] 26 Dec 2000 6841 Tax-loss selling before year end - gotta get some good out of it? 8 Dec 2000
mscha Michael Schaap [email] 2 Jan 2001 6834 The real question - when will it hit $0? 8 Dec 2000
rdela Rory dela Paz [email] 16 Mar 2001 6761 The day before St. Patty's day! Maybe I will start drinking then... 8 Dec 2000
sfranz Susan Franz [email] 18 Mar 2000 7124 8 Dec 2000

There are 17 entries. The earliest date chosen is 1 January 2000, by Michael Day (pessimist!), the last date chosen is 1 January 2099, by Doug Hazelman (optimist!). The mean date is 13 January 2010, the median date is 7 October 2002, the midrange date is 2 July 2049.

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