And Yet Another Stock Contest

Remember [link]Yet Another Stock Contest? Well, I guess we were a little (a little??) optimistic. Let's try again, with a somewhat more realistic target.
You think this is still too optimistic? Try [link]this one.

The Rules

The goal of this contest is to guess on what day the CATP stock price will first reach $10.
If there is a stock split after 1 December 2000, this contest will be adjusted accordingly, i.e. if there is a 2 to 1 split, the contest is over when the price reaches $5. Similarly, if the stock reverse splits 1 to 3, we need to reach $30.

(Now that Novell has taken over CTP, this means that the NOVL stock price will need to reach $14.97. It's been close already, but not quite there...)

Anybody can enter the contest once. (You are kindly requested not to enter the contest under somebody else's name.)
You may enter the contest, or change your entry at any time.

The Prize

The Grand Prize of this contest will be Eternal Fame®. That's way better than a T-shirt, isn't it? ;-)


Sorry, too many spammers.

The Situation (as of 31 Oct 2020)

If the stock price would reach $10 today, the winner would be: James Kener.

The Entries

User ID Name Email Date # Days Comments Last Change # Chgs
Scrot Jack N. D. Beanstalk [email] 21 Aug 2098 28418 I'm a damn psychic 16 Feb 2004
amexraider James Kener 3 Nov 2003 6207 AVR may receive government contract to supply the military with drugs of abuse kits. This is fromthe CEO's mouth and not mine. 5 Sep 2003
fvant Frank van Tol [email] 1 Jan 2099 28551 Never, 'cause i just swapped them for Novell stock 16 Dec 2001
Josiah Josh [email] 13 Aug 2001 7019 Dont know 12 Jun 2001
bcormi Bob Cormier [email] 14 Apr 2001 7140 First anniversary of NASDAQ initial "crash" of 2000 8 Dec 2000
mscha Michael Schaap [email] 1 Aug 2001 7031 Messman finally kicked out 16 Aug 2000 1
rwall Robert Wall [email] 24 Jul 2001 7039 The question is moot. 16 Aug 2000
asim Andrew Sim [email] 1 Apr 2001 7153 Next April Fools! :) 15 Aug 2000
bkrafft Brenda Krafft [email] 3 Oct 2000 7333 Because I WANT it to hit $10 on Sept 29th. 15 Aug 2000
dwood DM Woodlyburger 28 Sep 2000 7338 Scient, Viant, Defiant, Merbliant, Reliant, Smarmiant, etc., all snacked in daring takeover... 15 Aug 2000
klitt Kevin Littlefield [email] 27 Dec 2000 7248 CTP announces spin-offs of several of its less performing Lines of Businesses, "right sizes" its staff, and changes its name to "" 15 Aug 2000
mtobi Michael Tobin [email] 15 Feb 2001 7198 pv=-7.5 , fv=10, pmt=0, i=2.1, solve for n. 15 Aug 2000
cbutl Chris Butler [email] 16 May 2001 7108 Stock will be converted into another company's via buyout 14 Aug 2000

There are 13 entries. The earliest date chosen is 28 September 2000, by DM Woodlyburger (optimist!), the last date chosen is 1 January 2099, by Frank van Tol (pessimist!). The mean date is 11 June 2016, the median date is 24 July 2001, the midrange date is 15 November 2049.

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